Monday, January 31, 2011

The Dressing Room Stylish Contest

Love The Dressing Room and now love that they are having a contest on flickr.  FIRST CONTEST RESULTS - 4th february

I posted two entries...

Kletva-YPT Bodysuit (TDR Blue)
LG Femme-PauliePaulie Pants (TDR)
Glam Affair Castalia Skin-Natural-Night (TDR)
[glow] Pure Sparrow Earrings (TDR Blue)
.:Vive:. Xianv2 Boots
.44 Caliber The Hierophant Tee
Tattoo The Swan-Dark-GoK
(Ag) Stained Face-Cherry Tart (Kozmetika)
AtomicBambi Tattoo-Sabrina Lips-Scarlet
LOQ Hairs Hairbase-Ash Black
LOQ Hairs Grappa Pieva-Ash Black

Dress: Mimikri - Ylvi Espresso (TDR)
Earrings: [glow] studio - Black Lace (TDR)
Hair:  Exile - Dina/chocolate mix (TDR)
Skin: Willow Skin for TDR
Jacket:  Emery - Roxe #Black
Leggings:  fore - lace zip
Necklace: NSD - Rock'n'Rolla Pearl Black
Shoes: Annex - Buckle Wedge Black
Makeup Tattoo Layer: Boom Liquid Glaze (lashed) Violet (Kozmetika)