Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mayden Couture Skins

I received my first item(s) to review for my blog.  I'm excited and grateful!  Thank you so much Mayden Ushimawa & Maika Koray of Mayden Couture for sending me your new skin line, "Raija Skin".

I visited Mayden Couture last night, bought some great lashes and took these pics at the store.  The only retouching I did was to sharpen the photos 50%.  (I always sharpen my blog pics though.)  I love these skins, they are gorgeous!!  At first I had only worn them with blonde hair but then I thought why not try them with different haircolors.  The skins look great, don't you agree?!?  I am wearing the Tan series of Raija Skin, some with the lashes I bought.  They also offer it in Dark and Pale.

 Raija T1 & T2
Raija T3 & T4
Raiji T5 & T6
Raiji T7 & T8

Also wearing:
Lashes:  Mayden Couture - V2 6
Hair:  elikatira - Me - Essentials Colletion (Blonde, Brown and Black)
White/Pink/Grey Top:  The Sea Hole - Arrest Me - RibbonCandy
Red Graphic Top:  .44 Caliber - The Hierophant

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