Monday, January 31, 2011

The Dressing Room Stylish Contest

Love The Dressing Room and now love that they are having a contest on flickr.  FIRST CONTEST RESULTS - 4th february

I posted two entries...

Kletva-YPT Bodysuit (TDR Blue)
LG Femme-PauliePaulie Pants (TDR)
Glam Affair Castalia Skin-Natural-Night (TDR)
[glow] Pure Sparrow Earrings (TDR Blue)
.:Vive:. Xianv2 Boots
.44 Caliber The Hierophant Tee
Tattoo The Swan-Dark-GoK
(Ag) Stained Face-Cherry Tart (Kozmetika)
AtomicBambi Tattoo-Sabrina Lips-Scarlet
LOQ Hairs Hairbase-Ash Black
LOQ Hairs Grappa Pieva-Ash Black

Dress: Mimikri - Ylvi Espresso (TDR)
Earrings: [glow] studio - Black Lace (TDR)
Hair:  Exile - Dina/chocolate mix (TDR)
Skin: Willow Skin for TDR
Jacket:  Emery - Roxe #Black
Leggings:  fore - lace zip
Necklace: NSD - Rock'n'Rolla Pearl Black
Shoes: Annex - Buckle Wedge Black
Makeup Tattoo Layer: Boom Liquid Glaze (lashed) Violet (Kozmetika)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mayden Couture Skins

I received my first item(s) to review for my blog.  I'm excited and grateful!  Thank you so much Mayden Ushimawa & Maika Koray of Mayden Couture for sending me your new skin line, "Raija Skin".

I visited Mayden Couture last night, bought some great lashes and took these pics at the store.  The only retouching I did was to sharpen the photos 50%.  (I always sharpen my blog pics though.)  I love these skins, they are gorgeous!!  At first I had only worn them with blonde hair but then I thought why not try them with different haircolors.  The skins look great, don't you agree?!?  I am wearing the Tan series of Raija Skin, some with the lashes I bought.  They also offer it in Dark and Pale.

 Raija T1 & T2
Raija T3 & T4
Raiji T5 & T6
Raiji T7 & T8

Also wearing:
Lashes:  Mayden Couture - V2 6
Hair:  elikatira - Me - Essentials Colletion (Blonde, Brown and Black)
White/Pink/Grey Top:  The Sea Hole - Arrest Me - RibbonCandy
Red Graphic Top:  .44 Caliber - The Hierophant

Monday, January 24, 2011


Newness:  House of Fox just came out with this gorgeous Suede Satchel, in 10 different colors, and this turquoise one is FREE.  The satchel is perfect with the new Silk Kerchief skirt from The Secret Store at The Dressing Room Blue, which means only 60Ls.  I absolutely love the detailed print on this skirt!

I'm on a mission to hunt down and buy all the wedge shoes in SL!  These are from Kookie and all the textures make them really stand out.  You can wear them with or without the straps.

Sweater:  JANE - melody cardigan golden
Top:  Whippet & Buck - Hykova Buttoned Tank West Coast
Skirt:  The Secret Store - Chiffon - Silk Kerchief (at The Dressing Room Blue)
Ring:  Mandala - Lotus hand ring white
Purse: HouseofFox - PS1 Suede Satchel Turquoise
Shoes:  Kookie - Powder Puff Sun Gold
Hair: LeLutka - Module - Praline
Skin: Maverick Skin - Destiny - Pale - Green Nude
Pose:  1) Exposeur 2) Baffle!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Ahhhh...fresh air, sunny skies, birds flying above and an outfit with some amazing items that have great textures and details.

I love Aoharu jackets! I haven't bought too many yet though. I go there and walk around in circles around the jacket section trying to decide which one to buy...wish I could just buy them all at once. I also love this fun faux fur skirt from Peqe. I just bought this belt at Swansong's 50% off sale. I added to my wedge shoe collection with these great wedge shoes from Ingenue and they are reasonably priced.

Jacket: Aoharu - Simple Jacket - Gray
Shirt: (fd) - Champagne Fog (part of a dress from Extend a Helping Hand Event)
Skirt: Peqe - Faux Fur
Belt: Swansong - Corset Belt (50% off sale)
Scarf: Maitreya - Long Scarf Champagne
Necklace: Mood - Athshe Silver
Shoes: Ingenue - Citron Maroon
Hair: elikatira - me Blonde 07
Skin: Atomic Bambi - Sara (50% off sale)

Three stores at Le Cirque, in one look!  I think I'm going to camp out there! :D

Friday, January 21, 2011


I put this outfit together a week ago but I get distracted easily with all the notifications coming in of new items to buy, new hunts and events to go to.  So much to do in little time!

Jacket:  Sweetest Goodbye - RPG2 Patch
Tank Top: Whippet & Buck - Hykova Buttoned Tank West Coast (it's under there, really)
Pants: Bliss Couture - Christine High Waisted Jeans
Jewelry: Mood - d'Jango Gold
Clutch: Baiastice - Pida Bag Chocolate
Boots: elikatira - Secret Sepia
Hairs: Truth - Diana
Skin: Tuli - Hope
Pose: Olive Juice - In the Clutches

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I started with a dress again, from Whippet & Buck for the Extend a Helping Hand Event.  These boots were one of the major scores from The Seasons Hunt.  The skin is from Glam Affair found at The Dressing Room.

Did you know that elikatira offers a variety pack of different color hair for one style for only 250L?!?  I didn't and got so excited when I found out and bought this variety pack of hair.  One black, two blondes, two browns, two reds and one white.  Now I don't have to stand in front of a hair display for 10 minutes trying to decide which color I want! lol!  Thanks elikatira!

Dress:  Whippet & Buck - Queensland Party Frock (Extend a Helping Hand Event)
Jacket: Mimikri - Leather Vest/Alexa
Necklace:  Lucas Lameth - Chakra Long Bead Necklace
Bracelet: Mandala - Sinra2 Bracelet Set/Female
Boots: AddiCt - Sora
Hair:  elikatria - Mood
Skin:  Glam Affair - Castalia (The Dressing Room)

Since I take the pic one day then post a day or two later, I keep forgetting to write down what poses I use, shame on me.  Hopefully I can remember next time.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shadows 101

I started experimenting with shadows.  I came out from hiding from my house and while I was at Le Cirque I found (what i think) is a nice area for photos.

This outfit started with the dress.  Euphoria is having an End of Season Sale and I found this dress at The Secret Store and had to have it because it's called "Pretty Poppy".  My cat's name is Poppy. :)

Then I thought of going to Baiastice to get their new "Lotus Pumps" but I was running low on L's so I tped over to elikatira instead to buy the shoes I have on here.  Elikatira shoes are very reasonably priced and high quality.  I'll definitely be buying more shoes from elikatira.

Dress:  The Secret Store - Pretty Poppy
Shrug:  Mimikri - Luz Shrug Mud
Jewelry:  Lucas Lameth - Maya II Necklace and Earrings
Shoes:  elikatira - Move Pumps Navy
Hair:  Truth - Cindy
Skin:  Maverick Skins - Destiny Pale Natural

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cleaning out the closet

A few new items...LOQ hair and Bubble leather jacket.  They both appeal to the rocker chic in me. \m/  I love the detail in the LOQ hair, with the separate hairbase on the sides and back makes the braids and wisps of hair really stand out.

Also, Sweetest Goodbye has some amazing new jackets (from Juicy Bomb's post).  I've never been to SG before and was so glad that I had walked around the store to find these cool shoes.

Jacket:  Bubble - Blue Leather
Top:  Emery - So F* Special
Jeans:  Baiastice - Piper - cold grey
Tights:  Baiastice - Lace - black
Shoes:  Sweetest Goodbye - Wonder Bird - green
Earrings:  Mandala - Sinra
Hair & Hairbase:  LOQ - Grappa Pieva
Skin:  LAQ - Tasha2
Poses:  1) Posies 2 & 3) MM (I have no idea, I think I got them free back in 09/10)

The past week I've spent cleaning and sorting my inventory.  I went from just over 12,000 items to just under 7,000 items...and I have to thank Bells Semyorka for posting her three part tut on "How to Clean your Inventory".  I followed it and it was extremely helpful.  I also took pics of all my poses for quick reference.  I didn't even realize that I have 125 poses...and it's hard to remember which is which pose, hence the pics.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wedged In Tight

Different outfits, same fun wedge shoes from Peqe.

Shoes:  Peqe - G Wedge - Yellow
Dress:  Swansong - Moda
Tights:  Baiastice - Lace tights
Hairbase:  INka (closed?) - Tattoo Hairbase
Hair:  !lamb - Ghost
Skin:  Glam Affair - Eva Tan 12

Shoes:  Peqe - G Wedge - Hot Pink
Top/Dress:  Baiastice - GeG-Mini Dress
Bolero:  LeLutka - Irinushka bolero/chinchilla
Leggings:  Osakki - Noxious
Earrings:  GaNKed - Suri
Hair:  Truth - Tabatha Streaked
Skin:  LAQ - Tasha2

As I keep posting, I'm going to make an effort to get better at it.  Lots to learn; posing, taking good pics, posting to a blog!!!  All new to me, and I'm enjoying it! :D

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fashionable, Fun & Wild

I have found many stores in SL that I love.  There are so many amazing designers in SL!  Some of the big ones:  Baiastice, Lelutka, Maitreya.  I could go on and on though.  For only being in SL for 4 months, my landmarks list is getting really long and my inventory is growing every day.

Last month I picked up a "So 2011" notecard and started going through the list of designers, visiting each store, searching for the 50L items.  Then, I came across a small store in Liberty City...Peqe.  I got so excited over the wedge shoes I saw, when I first walked through the doors, I almost forgot about the 50L items.  That day I purchased a pair of yellow wedges and the two "So 2011" items.

A few days later I was at Le Cirque and was walking around and came across Peqe's mainstore.  I got all excited again!  I met the designer Inex Hax.  She is so nice, incredibly generous and of course creative and fashionable.

So, my first fashion post just had to be some of my Peqe items that I absolutely love, especially the wedge shoes.  Actually, right now I'm at Peqe staring at the wall of the G Wedges, wishing I had the Ls to just buy all the fatpacks.  Decisions, decisions!!

Pic on Left:
Dress:  Peqe - Alligator Earth Dress
Shoes:  Peqe - G Wege - Yellow
Jewelry:  Finesmith - Aria Collar
Skin:  Glam Affair - Eva Tan 12
Hair:  W&Y - Model Hair 25

Pic on Right:
Dress:  Peqe - Leather Purple Dress
Shoes:  Peqe - G Wedge - Hot Pink
Jewelry:  Mandala - Takara Bangle & Sinra Necklace
Tights:  [aRAWRa] Holiday Tights Tattoo Layer
Skin:  LAQ - Tasha2
Hair:  Truth - Tilly Streaked

More to come...

(I thought I had more time because I thought I had tomorrow off of RL work; however my boss just called and said the company is open.  He messed up and told us (about 2 months ago) that Monday was a paid holiday and then he almost calls at the last minute tonight (8:30pm) to tell us we have to come in.  No, I didn't have any plans or anything.  WTF?!?)