Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fashionable, Fun & Wild

I have found many stores in SL that I love.  There are so many amazing designers in SL!  Some of the big ones:  Baiastice, Lelutka, Maitreya.  I could go on and on though.  For only being in SL for 4 months, my landmarks list is getting really long and my inventory is growing every day.

Last month I picked up a "So 2011" notecard and started going through the list of designers, visiting each store, searching for the 50L items.  Then, I came across a small store in Liberty City...Peqe.  I got so excited over the wedge shoes I saw, when I first walked through the doors, I almost forgot about the 50L items.  That day I purchased a pair of yellow wedges and the two "So 2011" items.

A few days later I was at Le Cirque and was walking around and came across Peqe's mainstore.  I got all excited again!  I met the designer Inex Hax.  She is so nice, incredibly generous and of course creative and fashionable.

So, my first fashion post just had to be some of my Peqe items that I absolutely love, especially the wedge shoes.  Actually, right now I'm at Peqe staring at the wall of the G Wedges, wishing I had the Ls to just buy all the fatpacks.  Decisions, decisions!!

Pic on Left:
Dress:  Peqe - Alligator Earth Dress
Shoes:  Peqe - G Wege - Yellow
Jewelry:  Finesmith - Aria Collar
Skin:  Glam Affair - Eva Tan 12
Hair:  W&Y - Model Hair 25

Pic on Right:
Dress:  Peqe - Leather Purple Dress
Shoes:  Peqe - G Wedge - Hot Pink
Jewelry:  Mandala - Takara Bangle & Sinra Necklace
Tights:  [aRAWRa] Holiday Tights Tattoo Layer
Skin:  LAQ - Tasha2
Hair:  Truth - Tilly Streaked

More to come...

(I thought I had more time because I thought I had tomorrow off of RL work; however my boss just called and said the company is open.  He messed up and told us (about 2 months ago) that Monday was a paid holiday and then he almost calls at the last minute tonight (8:30pm) to tell us we have to come in.  No, I didn't have any plans or anything.  WTF?!?)

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