Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Copied from my blog

I just recently found SL, in 09/10. At first I was just exploring, dancing, having fun and shopping. Then I started reading some SL fashion magazines and I realized what I wanted my SL to be. I want to pursue a career in the SL fashion industry. I'm going to look into modeling but I'm also interested in working in some capacity for one of the fashion magazines.

Getting Ready for My Journey (12/13/10):
Ever since I decided I wanted to pursue modeling in SL, I've been researching, purchasing and thinking. I have found a few academies I am interested in but I probably won't join until next year, 1) need more L's and 2) want to wait after the holidays. I have been purchasing items, clothes mostly. I just recently found a shape I really like, tall and thinner. I found some quality skins I like too but could only purchase one for now. I was doing the Happy Holiday hunt yesterday and picked up some good poses (i think). I also found my first contest to enter and have been putting a whole look together for it. I'm not too sure about taking my own pictures but I'm going to try and see how it works out.

First Contest Entered (12/15/10):
When I was trying to complete my look for the contest, I had thought about buying a necklace, but I'm glad I tried on a necklace I already had in my inventory because when I put it on, the shoulder of the dress came off. Not good! So I bought earrings instead.

Then I had no idea where to go to take the photo. I was tping in and out of places trying to find a pretty wintery scence. It took a while but I found a place. Then I figured out the pose I wanted, which displayed the train of the dress nicely. After taking a ton of photos, I realize that there's more I need to learn with taking photos or I need someone else to take photos of me. I'm not completely happy with the outcome of the photo but I entered it because I didn't want to miss the deadline. Oh, and those earring I had bought, can't even see them in the photo. lol! This is how I learn.

I've been busy shopping and organizing my rapidly growing inventory.  Also, I decided to start blogging...and here I am.  Welcome to anyone who finds this and reads.

This weekend I will have some time to post some outfits.  Until then...