Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tiger Eyes

I am loving this shirt by Emery!  It came with a teal skirt but I had to bring out my rocker chic, hence the tight leather pants and spiky heels.  RAWR!

Shirt:  Emery - Top Tie Tiger - Rose (w/teal skirt, previously at TDR )
Pants:  COCO - ShinyLeggings (group gift)
Necklace 1:  SIGMA - Admira - charcoal (comes with bracelets & earrings in both silver & gold)
Necklace 2:  Yummy - Mixtape Necklace (from their jewelry grab bag)
Ring:  Hucci - Spring Fashion Rings - Black Diamond
Shoes:  bellsballs - Dangerously Studded Heels - Sunshine
Hair:  Truth - Tabatha - crow (color changing headband)
Skin:  League - Taylor Medium - Twilight


  1. Hello,

    I just discover your blog! Would you add me please to your blogroll? I'd love it
    The link is (Style&Addict by Evenementia)
    We'll do the same for yours!

    Aigloune Hastings

  2. Smoooking hot !! I need to go get that ring now!

  3. Added you Aigloune. Thx :)

    Thx Giela! You'll want more than just the ring. They have clutches with the ring detail.

  4. Hmmmm... so sexyyyy!!! i gave you that LM?? If not... i know which place it is !! LOL Muahhh

  5. I think we have a war .. War of the landmarks!
    hahahahaha kiss!

  6. LOL Anne! xoxo
    I think you did give me the LM for this place. I love it! I was going to take pics there yesterday but didn't have the time.

  7. Amazing pics and styling! I was also going to ask what SIM you you took these photos in ^^

  8. Thx Lila! :)
    Here it is: