Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sky and Sea

Having major problems with shadows today.  So hard to get good pics when there's a shadow line going straight down the pic or there's a square shadow on part of your head/face.  GRRRR!

This dress reminds me of the sky & water, from Riddle at Fashion for Life Fundraiser.  There's four different patterned dresses, two are for the fundraiser.  They are all beautiful!

The shoes are from Republic at Chic Limited for The Elements theme.  These also remind me of the sky & water.  Love the heel, very cool!

As soon as I saw this incredible bag at Indyra Originals I had to have it.  It has 729 total color combinations!  How can you go wrong with that?  You can't!  Now if there was a bag that could do that in RL, I'd be all set. ;)

Dress: Riddle - Spring Has Sprung - Ocean's Away (Fashion for Life Fundraiser)
Jewelry:  Miel - Gia Set (ring & necklace)
Bag:  Indyra Originals - The Ireben Leather Color Change Carry-All
Shoes:  Republic - Jaxon Wedge - Water (Chic Limited)
Hair:  elikatira - Hye - Brown 12 (Fashion for Life Fundraiser)
Skin:  Tuli - Eva/fair - 01 Bare


  1. I absolutely adore your photos and styling. I just added you to my blogroll to, I hope you don't mind ^.^

  2. Oh wow, thx for the comment and adding me. I will add you too. :)