Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hard Around the Edges

I like the contrast between soft and hard, which I think this look represents.  I'm girly but I'm also a tomboy, in RL and apparently also in SL. :D

Dutch Touch is having a clear out sale on some skins, 250L.  Amazing price for amazing quality skins!  Hurry while supplies last...no, actually I can't find any info on how long the sale is for.

Top:  Fishy Strawberry - L'Opera Bodysuit (Valentine Sale ends today)
Skirt:  HouseofFox - Color Me (previously at The Fashion Garret)
Leggings:  Atomic - Ribbon Leggings
Necklace:  Pepper (currently at The Fashion Garret)
Bracelet:  NSD - Chained Wrist Silver
Ring:  LaGyo - Chic Knuckle
Shoes:  Peqe - G Wedges Anti-V (CHIC Limited)
Hair:  Truth - Joey Streaked - champagne
Skin:  Dutch Touch - CleO V2 Cream Punk2
Nail Polish: Ibizzare - pale fuchsia

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